Find Walmart Employee Website

There’s a false consumer offer going around recently that entails the free Walmart gift card offers that are available. If you’re unaware of these programs, why they offer you a gift card from Walmartone com absolutely free. Some supplies are entirely free and you submit your email address, but others ask that you complete some promotional offers first and will wind up costing you a small quantity of money. We wish to alert you to a totally false offer that’s being purported to be authentic.

The scam offer starts off with a telephone call from somebody who’s claiming to be a Walmart representative, or they might send you a text message. This individual will claim to be calling within a Walmart customer appreciation program. Then you will be asked for your own personal credit card number that’s supposed to cover some handling and shipping.

First, know that the Walmart Corporation doesn’t have any promotional gift card programs. You might get these offered online but they’re not affiliated with the business at all. Second, Walmart doesn’t have a client appreciation program to give away cards that are free. In the end, a Walmart employee won’t ever initiate a conversation in person, or on the telephone, where they’ll request your credit card info.

If you want more info about this particular scan and you can protect yourself afterward Walmart paystub has a solitude site that will help you out. Moreover, you can pursue the matter further by contacting the Federal Trade Commission, or the customer fraud office to the attorney general of your state.

If someone contacts you on the telephone about the free Walmart card offer ask them for their name and telephone number. Then you can politely let them know you aren’t interested and pursue the issue after you have their contact info.